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Climate change is a complex global phenomenon. It refers to variation or changes in the Earth's global climate or in regional climate over time.
While climate change could be caused due to both natural and human causes, it is now proven with over 95% confidence level that the current change is mainly due to human induced causes.

Burning of fossil fuels to meet our energy needs has contributed to high levels of Carbon emissions in the air, causing the global temperatures to rise up.

UAE's per capita carbon emission is amoung the highest in the world. It is not the oil and gas industry but our own per capita consumption of water and electricity, Which is the main cause of high carbon emission.

Water supplies to our homes / schools /place of work comes from Desalination. Remember Desalination of water uses lots of energy and so does our Air Conditioners TheRemember Desalination of water uses lots of energy and so does our Air Conditioners The use of fossil fuel in our transportation sector also contributes to high carbon emission.

Climate change is expected to enhance extreme weather conditions, impact availability of water, reduce our forest cover, impact ecosystem and biodiversity, cause economic losses, impact health, energy and so on.

With rise in global temperatures, UAE too would be impacted in many ways.

Sensitive habitats such as the Mangroves, sea grasses, Corals face threat with rising sea levels.

Fragile plants and organisms living in the desert dry lands will be in danger with slight increase in temperatures Sea level rise is perhaps one of the gravest risks that UAE faces with 85% of its population and 90% of infrastructure located along the sea coast.

The game extrapolates how Abu Dhabi will be impacted by rising sea levels should we continue increasing our emission. It is only indicative of what might happen.

Remember impact of climate change can be reduced by reducing our carbon emission