The Enviro-Spellathon journey so far!

The Enviro-Spellathon is an activity that has been, conducted annually since 2001 within Abu Dhabi Emirate’s schools by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi. The programme promotes Eco literacy and inculcates awareness about the local flora, fauna and environmental issues amongst students of Abu Dhabi through a structured academic exercise.

  • A sustained program that grows with the child.
  • Targets students en masse in a structured way.
  • Assist in Eco literacy as well as enhancing language and vocabulary skills.
  • Instills sound environment behaviour or ethics among the growing youth for a sustainable future.
  • Works on Seven Levels for students from below 5 years to 13 years (KG- Grade 6) in both Arabic and English languages:

- Enviro-Spellathon – Waste for Junior Level (Nursey School/Kinder Garten, 4-5 Years),
- Enviro-Spellathon – Wildlife of the UAE for Level 1 (5-6 Years)
- Enviro-Spellathon – Wildlife in the Cities for Level 2 (6-7 Years)
- Enviro-Spellathon – Wildlife of the Desert for Level 3 (7-8 Years)
- Enviro-Spellathon – Wildlife of the Seas for Level 4 (8-9 Years)
- Enviro-Spellathon – Water is precious for Level 5 (9-10 Years)
- Enviro-Spellathon – Managing our Waste for Level 6 (10-13 Years)

Going Digital from Booklets to Apps

In line with e-Government, a new electronic application (app) for Enviro-Spellathon, has been developed for the following platforms:


This new app has replaced the books for this programme, bringing with it several benefits, the main benefit is that this application does not only provide the learning for the students but also helps in reducing the amount of CO2 emissions that come out of printing the booklets and transportation. In, addition it will further prompt Eco literacy among our students and became more interactive including video material, animation, games, sound, voice-over and much more.

Overall, throughout all levels of the digital enviro-spellathon, the App features:

  • 18 games
  • 12 animations
  • 9 interactive animations
  • Voice-over throughout each book
  • English and Arabic versions

Another notable feature is that the App does not need internet connection once it has been downloaded to your device (desktop/tablet/iPad), allowing students to use at any time, any place. An additional feature to the digital version is live testing section. At the end of each level, students are encouraged to test their knowledge and take the test. The live tests are automated and once completed the results are sent by email to the relevant teachers. Students that pass the test will receive a certificate (a specific one for each level). This feature requires internet connection.

The enviro-spellathon digital App continues EADs alignment with e-Government responding to a changing world, new technology for digital, interactive and e-learning tools to be at the forefront of our contributions and progress.

The App is available for downloading from:
Our EAD website: www.ead.ae
and SSI website: sustainableschools.ead.ae
Email: envirospellathon@ead.aeor

“A whole generation of students has now grown up with Enviro-Spellathon”