Eco Club Summit

The Eco Club Summit is an annual event that began in 2014 for students and teachers, to exchange knowledge and experience on best practices observed in schools through students’ presentations. It also aims to build leadership skills and capacity build youth in problem solving and critical thinking abilities through different workshops on host of topics. Till date the workshops have ranged from Music, Air Quality, GIS, Water, Green Cities, Falconry and Puppetry to Renewable energy and many more.

This event is an excellent platform providing a forum for all Eco club students to network and work collaboratively for the environment. In the Summit, schools participating in SSI are recognised and rewarded for their good work. This summit is mainly to appreciate the community projects undertaken by the school eco clubs that result in a discernible change.

Another exciting part aspect of the Eco Club Summits is the chance to meet inspiring young environmental activists not only from UAE but from different parts of the world. Notable youth including Kelvin Doe, young innovator from Kenya and Chido Govera, green entrepreneur from Zimbabwe have been part of the Eco Club Summits.

Eco Club Summit Objective
  1. To provide SSI Students an opportunity to network with each other
  2. To Promote Collaborative approaches and learning
  3. To learn and share from best projects, activities and innovative approaches undertaken as a part of (SSI) Eco Clubs, Green Audits and Management, by SSI schools
  4. Motivate SSI Eco Club students by introducing them to some young active environmental activists from around the world.
5th Eco Club summit
Date: 12th and 13th April 2018
Location: Abu Dhabi
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm