Training of Trainer

Environment educators have a huge challenge before them as they need to change attitudes and initiate a behaviour change by going beyond the confines of just imparting knowledge. It is often said that it takes generations for value systems to change. Hence environment education has to be sustained in its impact over time, across all levels and subjects in schools. The Training of The Trainer module focuses on training teachers to introduce concepts of Environment Education into the mainstream curriculum.

This component ensures that teachers from various subject backgrounds are talking the same language when it comes to Environmental Education ensuring that this is truly incorporated into the educational system.

This component is one of the most challenging and vital components. It is therefore very important for schools to ensure that their teachers are given all the necessary support and training opportunities for updating and enhancing their learning’s on environment.

Teachers from schools registered under this initiative will be given the opportunity to participate in workshops and trainings with industry experts. These workshops train teachers to effectively communicate concepts of sustainability to students while learning and sharing the best practices on environment education from reputed environment education organisations and educators.

Once the dates for these trainings are announced, schools are expected to confirm their participation at the earliest as seats for these trainings workshops are limited due to time and space constraints.

To assist in this endeavour, resource materials are also provided for teachers teaching at different levels of education. Registered schools can download these resource materials. Each participating school will also be provided hard copies of these books upon request.

To increase outreach, an online basic certification course on environment education will also be offered to teachers who may not be in a position to attend workshops and training courses.

Each year motivated and committed teachers from the initiative will be identified and networked with other similar environment educators from around the world by exposing them to international conferences and meetings of teachers on environment education.

Schools are expected to report on the number of teachers from their schools that have participated in trainings/ workshops on environmental issues. It does not matter if teachers have attended the trainings conducted by the Agency or by any other organisation whether within or outside the city/UAE.

Teachers who get an opportunity to attend trainings or workshops are expected to share these learning’s with other teachers who may not have got the opportunity to attend workshops/ trainings. Schools are expected to show evidence of this sharing.

Schools are also expected to show evidence of integration of their trainings or workshops into their curriculum.

Once the schools submit their Training of Trainer report, along with evidence, then the school will be evaluated by the Sustainable school assessment committee. The committee comprises educational and government and non-government authorities. Short-listed schools will present their submissions – and will defend themselves on questions asked by the review committee. Short-listed schools can expect a visit by members of the committee to visit the schools to review on the ground results if needed.

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