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Green School Audit

  The Green School Audit is a tool designed to help school communities to audit their use of natural resources. It povides schools with the methodology to become envionmental managers by assessing themselves.

The Geen School Audit shows schools 'how' and 'why' they should learn to 'live sustainably' by assessesing the school's environmental impact and providing ways to address it

Although this is one of the most ambitious tasks from the Sustainable Schools Initiative it is also the one which gives the most tangible and measurable results.

Green School Audit and Sustainable Schools

It is mandatory for all schools registering under this initiative to 'assess' and 'address' their environmental performance. Upon registering each school will be provided with a Green School manual; a do -it -yourself (DIY) guide that helps students to assess the five key elements that comprises their school’s environment namely air, water , land , energy and waste.

This assessment will allow each participating school to identify where it currently stands and where it should be with regard to the environmental standards prescribed in the manual. The school is then expected to set targets and address its impacts and improve its environmental performance each year. Thus slowly this comparison and approach will and can steadily edge schools closer towards achieving sustainability.

Registered schools can also send their teachers for training workshops on how to use the manual and conduct the audit in their schools. These workshops also offers some useful tips in mitigation strategies. Announcement for these trainings will be sent to registered schools through email and shall also be announced on the website.


The following methodology is expected to be followed for the Green School Audit

  • Procure Green School manual for your school.
  • Send teacher from your school for training if need be.
  • Form an audit team for each of the five components ( Air , Land , Water , Waste and Energy) comprising of five to ten students, one teacher , parent , school maintenance and transport in charge. All audits should be conducted only by the students. Teachers may only provide guidance.
  • School Director flags off the audit process by students with a speech in the school assembly.
  • Students perform the audits using the step by step information and formats given in the Green Schools manual. They also share the audit results with rest of the school
  • Prepare the Green School report card for your school , with all evidences to prove your processes and results.
  • Upload the report card in the online reporting system for the Green school audit or send it to the Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi • As the Green School manual process incorporates simple mathematics and skills the students learn in the classroom, the school coordinator for this initiative can look at the possibility of integrating this process into the existing school curriculum. This will not make the program easy and relevant but also achievable within given timeframes


Once the schools submit their Green School report card, which is essentially a self assessment of the school’s own environmental performance using the results obtained from the audit process as mentioned in the manual along with adequate evidence and proof to validate whatever results have been arrived at , then the school will be evaluated by the Sustainable school assessment committee consisting of Educational authorities and the personnel conducting the Sustainable Schools program from the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi . Short listed schools can expect a visit by members of the committee to arrive at excellence in schools

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