Al Madaris Al Mustadama’ or ‘Sustainable Schools’ is a whole school initiative that addresses students, parents, teachers, administrative staff and maintenance staff eventually linking them to the larger community.

The components of the project are interactive and participatory. Traditional systems confer teachers with the role of being both the "Problem Setter" and the "Solution Provider". In this initiative teachers become facilitators and encourage student to discover solutions independently.

By participating in this initiative your school would get an opportunity to

Assess its own environmental impact and be able to address it
Empower students to reach out to the community
Provide training and resource material for teachers and learn new skills for imparting
effective environment education in their classrooms
Expose students to 'hand on' field experience.

This program would not only help reduce your school’s ecological footprint but actually help increase your 'ecological handprint', which are actions towards achieving sustainability. While schools strive to inculcate strong environmental ethics and behavior amongst the students, participating in this program would help your school assess your environmental performance standards as each component of the initiative has a specific scoring Weightage.